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Wollongong Bulk Billing Dentist: for Eligible Patients with Dental Cover!

Bulk Billing

You'll be pleased to know that our clinic does bulk billing for Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule and Veterans Affairs (for patients eligible for these schemes), or no-gap on your dental private health insurance rebate for check-up & clean (if it covers a minimum of our check & clean special rate).

If you want to find out whether you’re eligible for the above dental schemes, please contact us as we’ll be glad to assist you. Medicare does not cover dental treatment for adults, and only covers children under 18 if you receive Family Tax Benefits or certain Centrelink payments. 

Dental treatment is a private health service, partly covered if you take out private health insurance with dental extras. If you are a Veterans Affairs Gold Card holder, or if your children are in receipt of Family Tax Benefit A - there may be government dental rebates available. 

If you might not have private dental insurance or might not be eligible for a government dental scheme - call us with your enquiry and we'd be happy to provide a rough quote, or book in for a full examination and clean (with x-rays) for our discounted special package rate!

Bulk Billing Policies:

We are able to bulk bill for patients who are eligible under Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). If you receive Family Tax Benefit A or other Centrelink benefits for your children, they might be eligible. Medicare CDBS is a means-tested benefit covering basic dental treatment up to $1000 over two years for eligible children 18 and under! Call Medicare on 132 011 to check eligibility for your child. 

We also bulk bill for people with a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold Card, or for those with a White card with the card specifying a need for dental treatments.

What exactly is Bulk Billing?

Bulk Billing occurs when a service provider like us bills Medicare directly and is willing to accept the Medicare benefit as the full payment for their services provided to the client. In the Bulk Billing scenario the client is not expected to pay anything whatsoever for their treatment, if you are covered for government dental rebates for your treatment. 

We care!

We care about everyone in our community and we understand how financially challenging it can be making ends meet in this day and age. Our clinic provides bulk billing for patients eligible for government dental cover because we want our services to be accessible.

We don’t want to see anyone on our local Wollongong and Illawarra landscape having to miss out on important dental work for financial reasons. If you are eligible for Veterans Affairs or Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule, then we bulk bill Medicare directly for dental treatment! For concession or pension card holders, show your card at appointment and we offer concession discounts!

Treating them young!

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule means that Australian parents in need are able to make sure their children receive proper dental care. As responsible health care providers, we can help you with that. We know that treating them young is one of the best things we can do to prevent serious aggravated health problems in the future if left unchecked. Don't wait for problems to arise before introducing them to the dentist – bring your children in and we'd love to meet them!

If you think your child needs oral health attention or that he/she may benefit from some dentistry treatments, stop by our facilities and let’s get it sorted for you – better safe than sorry!

You won’t regret doing the right thing to give your child the best shot at getting his or her dental problems sorted out early on in life.

Approved Child Dental Benefits Procedures:

Our clinic is approved under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for child dental procedures, so we provide bulk billed appointments for many children. Nearly all dental procedures are covered by the CDBS, such as general examinations, cleaning procedures, fissure treatments and fillings, x-rays, root canal procedures, teeth extractions and more!

If you’re in doubt about whether a certain service is covered or not, don’t hesitate to call us in order for our trained staff to advise you, so you can be properly informed before committing to a treatment.

Checking Eligibility!

Note that if you want to get bulk billed treatment under the schemes mentioned above, you’ll need to see beforehand whether you are eligible.

We can use your Medicare card in order to check your eligibility under the CDBS before the treatment takes place, but you can also check your eligibility status for yourself here.

Please take a look at our other pages on our site in order to know just what treatments we offer, what our philosophy is, what we do, when we do it and more importantly – how we do it!

Feel free to contact us at any time during our business hours in order to get an appointment or in order for us to address any concern or doubt you may experience. Our contact page provides all the information on how you can contact us including our opening hours.

We are conveniently located in Crown Street, Wollongong, and we’ll be happy to assist you with enquiries about bulk billing as well as anything else.

The Clinic’s Location:

We are located at 136 Crown St in Wollongong’s Central Business District, and so we are at the hub of the Illawarra region on the South Coast of New South Wales. We have a Google map showing our location on our contact page.

Our facilities are easy to find, lying directly opposite Commonwealth Bank. We are in the pedestrian part of Crown Street Mall and just outside Wollongong Central shopping centre, between Swallowed Anchor & Australia Post (past H&M). 

There is parking available in the Wollongong Central shopping centre and 80 Church St Garage (old DJs carpark), and also street parking on Market St, or Kembla St. 

The Free Shuttle Bus stops very close to our practice (Stop 13). Click HERE to view a map of the Free Shuttle Bus.

Feel free to phone us if you have any trouble locating us or if you find you need extra directions.