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Wollongong Emergency Dentist: For a Fast Dental Relief!

Emergency Appointments

Welcome to our clinic’s page on our emergency dentist services.

You’ll be glad to know our staff are trained to be ready to accommodate emergency cases and we make sure to treat your concerns as fast as possible.

Read on to get a better idea of our services, our mission and our advice. If you’re looking on how to proceed with an emergency, you should also read below.

Emergency Dentist Wollongong: When Tooth Ache Hits You:

One of the most common and unwanted symptom in oral health has to do with toothaches. There are few pains as intense and bothering as tooth aches, so we make our emergency dental openings available to serve our clients with the speed and professionalism they require.

We take pride in prioritising our patients first, and that’s why we do our best to accommodate emergency dental cases in order to provide relief when you most need it – you shouldn’t be in pain, and we’ll make sure you are seen and treated as soon as possible. Simply call us as soon as you feel the pain start, and we can book you in to be seen by our dentist at a time convenient to you.

We provide emergency dental services during business hours, however feel free to leave us a message after hours and we will return your call and can book you in as soon as we open. When you have a dental emergency, make sure you call us quickly so we can get you in as soon as we can. We try to keep vacancies available during the day, so that we can fit you in at your time of need!

Swollen or Painful Jaw: Fast Pain Relief!

Another common dental emergency is if your jaw shows signs of swelling or tenderness, causing a lot of discomfort along with a really bothering pain that will leave you no peace of mind.

This is a symptom for a lot of different problems, though many of them require immediate assistance. Growing wisdom teeth or an infected tooth may cause sore jaw or gums. No matter what the problem is, there is no reason why you should be left suffering with gum or tooth ache, and we’re here for you.

We’ll have a look and provide relevant treatment to get you out of pain. If you need your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted, we will take care of it in a timely manner.

Don’t walk around with a swollen or painful jaw – call us right away as it may be a symptom of a serious infection!

If you have a chipped or broken tooth:

There are a lot of accidents that can happen every day, and one of those accidents may leave you with a chipped or broken tooth.

Sometimes this results in the nerves of the tooth being exposed and or sharp painful tooth edge, but don’t worry – we are here to help.

We can provide emergency restorative dental procedures to repair the damage and to restore your smile’s beauty, so you can continue your day with a smile on your face. 

All of the emergency dental repairs, emergency cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive treatments and other services are provided during our business hours, and we’d be happy to help and get you in as quickly as we can.

Don’t hesitate to call us or come to our facilities if we’re in, as we’ll provide you with the diligenceprofessionalism and solutions you desperately need.

Repair lost Fillings: Emergency Dental Care

Fillings were not always as reliable as they are now, and some clinics still mainly fill with silver amalgam fillings. White fillings are bonded to your teeth and have had many advancements, research and improvements. 

Your old filling may get loose or damaged and you usually need a quick fix for that problem – that’s when our emergency dental care can help.

If you need your old broken fillings repaired, then come to our clinic in Wollongong and we’ll help you towards a good long-term and affordable result.

We use modern techniques and quality filling materials. With good care and hygiene, restorative dental work can last a long time.

Wisdom Teeth Pain & Swelling

Wisdom teeth pain can be very painful and escalate rapidly, without much relief. Severe cases can lead to facial pain and swelling. Call us to book in for an appointment to get out of pain or the problem tooth removed! If you have a Medicare card - we can even arrange for a Medicare covered imaging for you to get prior to the appointment. 

Some wisdom teeth can be impacted, requiring specialist removal. However, all of our dentists are able to clean & wash-out to reduce the immediate inflammation, and help provide pain-relief options. We also have a specialist oral surgeon who is available to remove the more impacted teeth, under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.  Simply call us on 42440600 for a wisdom teeth consult -- we will help reduce the infection and pain, and also help you plan for a painless and affordable removal of your wisdom teeth!


Feeling Unsure? Not sure if it is an Emergency?

If you are unsure of how severe or urgent your symptoms are and you are unable to come to the dentist straight away, we will be more than willing to answer your questions over the phone – even though diagnosis can’t be done, we can help provide advice, as our staff have a lot of experience and are eager to help.

Bear in mind that some problems aren’t easily defined over the phone, so you may have to drop by if we believe it is necessary to have a look!

We hope our emergency dental care page has cleared some questions, however for professional advice and treatment, call us and we will help you when you most need it!

Additional Ideas

If you are experiencing severe dental pain or swelling around airways outside our opening times, it may be worth visiting an available medical doctor, after-hours GP, or the Emergency Department at the local hospital. Sometimes they will prescribe antibiotics and interim pain relief which can help and put you at ease until our dentists have a look at your dental problem. If it is a dental issue, you may not find permanent peace of mind until the tooth infection is addressed, so remember to book in for a dental assessment soon! Even if the immediate dental pain settles a little, infection will come and go, but this doesn't mean that the problem is gone permanently. Remember to book in ASAP for a dentist to check your tooth before the problem worsens into something that is even harder to fix later on!

Emergency Dentist: Where are we?

We are located in the Wollongong CBD (Central Business District), on Crown Street – opposite Commonwealth Bank. We are in the pedestrian part of Crown Street Mall and just outside Wollongong Central shopping centre, between Swallowed Anchor & Australia Post (past H&M). 

Serving the Illawarra region on the South Coast of NSW, we’re able to help you with your dental emergency in order to relieve pain or discomfort.

We aim to care for you in a gentle and pain-free way, and our highly trained staff will work diligently to meet your concerns.

Book an Appointment with Us:

If you want to book an appointment with us or schedule an emergency consult, just make sure you look at our contact details and get in touch as soon as you can:

Feel free to drop us a call or even pay us a visit down in Crown Street so we can help and get you sorted. We’d really love to hear from you and we’re ready to answer any query or clear up any doubts you may have.