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Teeth Whitening Wollongong: Whiter and Brighter Smiles!

Teeth Whitening

Located on Crown St in Wollongong’s Central Business District (CBD), our clinic has knowledge and experience when it comes to teeth whitening.

To know more about our treatments and our approach to teeth whitening, we have prepared this information page.

Effective & Affordable: Get a Custom Teeth Whitening Kit

There are a lot of teeth whitening kits available on the market, but did you know most of them are ineffective, or can even harm your teeth and gums?

Supermarket whitening products or non-dental whitening bars can only provide bleaching at low, less effective amounts, as they lack professional care and supervision from a qualified dentist. Having professional advice when it comes to bleaching and teeth whitening is vital and we’d like to help. Australian legislation only allows whitening products to be provided by a registered dentist, and whitening provided by non-dentists are not TGA approved effective whitening concentrations. 

To minimise damage to your oral health, it is best to get all possible cavities or concerns checked prior to whitening - otherwise issues you might not be aware of might worsen quickly and treatment becomes more expensive and complicated! A scale and clean will also remove buildup and stains prior to whitening, ensuring maximal penetration of the whitening gels. 

With us, you can rest assured we equip you with quality and effective products, making sure your smile gets brighter without unduly risking your teeth or gums!

Our most effective whitening treatment involve custom dental whitening packages involve branded whitening gels and custom fit trays, so that your kit is highly tailored around your teeth. This minimises damage and sensitivity, and offers maximum effectiveness. The process is also very flexible and you can proceed with whitening at your own pace.

Custom home whitening kits are ideal for patients who might suffer from some dental sensitivity, as you can take rest days between whitening treatment. 

Once you have your own custom trays, we also offer maintenance whitening kits - so that you can be assured the white smile you fought so much to have stays properly maintained and doesn’t fade away.

Are you ready to start treating your smile?

Poladay before and after whitening

Results may vary from person to person and may depend on your tooth composition and starting shade. 

Faster Results: With In-Chair Whitening

If, on the other hand, you want faster results, we can provide you with in-chair bleaching treatment. These get you results in a more timely manner - after a 1-hour appointment! Your teeth will definitely become brighter and whiter - usually a few shades lighter! This saves you having to wear trays daily for a few days before you notice any results. 

With our in-chair teeth whitening procedure, immediate results are noticeable. The procedure uses safe and effective dental products that are applied by the dentist and supervised. Our products contain sensitivity-reducing agents and usually cause minimal discomfort while achieving a whiter smile! We do recommend the take-home trays to continue the whitening at home, otherwise you may need multiple in-chair whitening sessions to ensure you are happy with the whiter shade. 

For maintenance, we can supply you with a kit that includes bleaching gels and custom trays, so that you can make sure the white in your smile is there to stay!

Regardless of the whitening treatment you choose, we are there to assist you every step of the way. We’ll address your every concern and give you every reason to show us your new beautiful smile!

Safer Treatments: Minimising Oral Damage

For years, teeth whitening and teeth bleaching treatments have been gathering quite a bit of bad reputation, and they reached the point where people say they damage teeth and gums. This is as a result of use of unsafe supermarket products or shopping centre whitening stands, without the supervision of a dentist!

These days, teeth whitening provided by professional dentists minimises damage by checking for possible dental issues, and maximises effectiveness by combining a scale and clean with effective whitening products in a targeted delivery to your teeth only.

We provide patients with branded whitening gels, with minimal sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, it is very important to get a dental check-up first, to check for possible cavities or issues, before teeth whitening. 

If you still have doubts or would like clarification, be sure to contact us and we’ll answer any questions.

Supermarket Supplies Don’t Cut it:

If you have been trying to cut costs, it is possible that you tried ineffective whitening products or supermarket teeth whitening kits, which provide virtually no benefits. You may also be trying to whiten stains or plaque that needs to be cleaned off in a scale and polish. 

Furthermore, using these for long periods of time means that you’ll be exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals and components - chemicals that have the power to harm your mouth and body.

Make sure you are informed about the products you are using, or the qualifications of the staff at shopping centre whitening bars. It is worthwhile to do things the right way, especially when it comes to your health! You can rely on us to make the process as painless, quick and affordable as possible.

Know the Cost of Teeth Whitening: Hit us for a Quote!

If you’re on a budget or your finances are tight, you’ll be glad to know we don’t surprise our clients with unexpectedly large bills once the treatments are done – we go through our recommended treatment plan with you to ensure you know all the steps we have to take and the cost of those in order to reach your oral health goals.

With no surprises, you are able to choose the best path for your needs and budget, and we’ll help you make informed decisions.

If you require any advice, give us a call, or come to our clinic for a consult with one of our dentists. We’d love to see you.

We also offer General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry:

If your case needs some extra treatment before the whitening, such as restorative dentistry or other cosmetic dentistry treatment, we can develop a suitable treatment plan for you.

We look after you whatever your need is. Our examination appointment will help you take the first step towards good oral health and a happy smile.

We can look after you and your family, as our clinic provides all general dentistry, for patients in the Illawarra region, on the South Coast of NSW.

Our Commitment:

Our procedures are compliant with the industry standard, and we also add that we take pride in being updated technologically and professionally. Our use of the latest materials and procedures provides safe and effective results. We do not use inferior or cheap or overseas products. We make sure our services provided with utmost professionalismcare and gentleness.

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