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Wollongong Wisdom Teeth Dentists & Specialist: Get you out of pain!

What are wisdom teeth?

Starting from your teens, and even into your 30s - your wisdom teeth may continue to grow and move, causing pain and swelling. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the back of the jaw, and are very hard to brush and keep clean. They are also often impacted, growing in the wrong direction, and may cause food & plaque trap between your jaw and the rest of your teeth. Possible symptoms include tenderness, ache, significant pain, swelling, limited mouth opening and abscess in the jaw.

For most people, wisdom teeth don't fit into the jaw, and the jaw stops growing when you are in your 20s. Which means that once you start getting wisdom teeth symptoms related to pocketing, food trap, decay - sometimes these symptoms worsen with time. It is important to have your wisdom teeth assessed for possible extraction in order to make sure they are not affecting the teeth in front, causing a hole to start in the front molar, or crowding of your teeth. Early detection, assessment and removal may prevent loss of other molars you need for chewing. 

Wollongong Dental Team can help!

If you have a Medicare card, you can request for a Medicare bulk-billed imaging referral for a full-mouth x-ray prior to attending a consult with us. Many practices charge patients $80-100 for a image to assess their wisdom teeth. However, this image is covered by Medicare if done at a bulk-billing imaging centre, so we try to save our patients money where possible, in order to plan for the best and cheapest way for you to have your wisdom teeth removed professionally and painlessly.

All of our dentists are capable of removing straight-forward erupted wisdom teeth, however in many cases, wisdom teeth have difficult access and may be impacted, requiring a surgical extraction. We are lucky to have a specialist oral surgeon provide services for our patients, and hence you do not need an external referral to a costly surgeon where you may need to pay another consult fee. Simply call us on 42440600 for a wisdom teeth consult -- we will provide you with a way of reducing the immediate infection and pain, and also help you plan for a painless removal of your wisdom teeth, in the most affordable way possible!